When Zen Is Spelled XEN

Sometimes it is just a feeling you get, and if you are lucky enough to get it, it permeates every atom of your being. Last week I got that feeling, though I must admit – just a tad of it was the awesome weather in the San Jose area. The rest of it came from being at a company that is really different than most because from the CEO down they couldn’t stop being just plain nice people. The company name might surprise you – Citrix – where I and several of my colleagues got a couple of days of up close and personal time with their top execs. It is always enjoyable to listen to people who are passionate, driven, and who can tell a story. Listening to Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO, was just like that. And it is much more than charisma – it is his love for all things technology related, his passion for his company’s mission, his belief in how they are changing the world. His presentation started with their company statement on creating value: Culture plus empathy, employee value plus customer value.

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