Hats Off To RHSS 2.1 – Open Source Software-Defined Storage

Over the past decade Clabby Analytics has been tracking the advance of virtualization, automated provisioning and software definition in the server market. Eighteen months ago we also started to track the advance of virtualization and overlay networks in the networking market (more specifically, the advance of software defined networking [SDN] and OpenFlow). The concept of software defined involves abstracting underlying hardware and then repurposing it by defining its new behavior in software.

Only recently have we begun to track storage advancements in software defined storage (SDS), including Red Hat’s announced availability of its Red Hat Storage Server (RHSS 2.1) – a storage infrastructure environment that it has positioned as open source-based software defined storage. In essence, with RHSS 2.1, Red Hat has abstracted storage devices and overlaid them with an open source file system, virtualization software, cloud software and more – thus creating a new, open personality for underlying storage. According to an IDC white paper commissioned by Red Hat, entitled The Economics of Software-based Storage, this new infrastructure can generate up to 52 percent in storage system savings (CapEx) and an additional 20 percent in operational savings (OpEx).

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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