Look Out Apple, Here Comes The HP SDN App Store!

The SDK will be available next month, training and certification classes begin then as well. The app store is expected to officially launch in the first half of next year. One would expect this will give developers time to leverage the SDK and get their applications into the HP SDN App Store. The key for HP, like it was for Apple, will be to attract as many network services and apps into the development process as quickly as possible to create a robust storefront when it launches next year. I like the idea of customers ranking network services applications and being able to post reviews and comments for others to read. Brings an aspect of social media and collaboration to the network world and should be one that most people are familiar with – at least anyone with a smartphone or tablet. And while Apple probably isn’t too worried right now, hopefully this type of creative thinking and consumerization of IT will drive innovation and ease of use in the networking space.

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