Teradata: Data-Driven Marketing Key To Customer-Driven World

DALLAS: The theme of this year’s PARTNERS User Group Conference, the annual customer managed event of Teradata is unleashing the power of data, but it appears that data is only a means to an end, satisfying the empowered customer, both today and tomorrow. “Customers have the upper hand,” said Darryl McDonald, President, Teradata Applications, in the opening keynote. “Instead of companies managing customers, empowered customers are managing brands!”

The only way to win is to bring marketing and IT together, he said. This partnership of marketing and IT has led to the creation of data-driven marketing, and marketing is now IT’s biggest customer. Within the next few years marketing will spend more on IT than IT, he added.

“The biggest game changer in technology is coming from what people call Big Data,” said Teradata President and CEO Mike Koehler during the keynote. He said marketing is one of the biggest users of Big Data, giving marketers new ways to listen, understand, interact and innovate with customers.

For business it means moving from the world of analyzing transactions to analyzing interactions. “It means adding insights for everything. Adding Big Data is not an option; it is a requirement to compete in the world.”

There are a number of benefits to data-driven marketing, from increased profitability and decreased costs to greater customer retention, but the biggest driver is fear, said McDonald. It’s digital disruption, a “business phenomenon with a body count.”

Companies need to take an outside-in, customer viewpoint. “Walk a mile in their shoes.”

By doing so, aligning the business with customer needs, being agile and adjusting as things change, companies can invent their own futures. McDonald also advises to focus less on best practices, i.e. the past, and more on next practices, the future. With data-driven marketing, companies can “deliver marketing with less risk and more reward.”

Attendance numbers are still being counted, but approximately 2,500 sat in for the conference’s kickoff. The participants included representatives from 560 companies and government entities, joined by more than 50 exhibitors, from more than 50 countries.

Tuesday’s product announcements included a new release of Master Data Manager (V3.3) and Data Stream Architecture. Master Data Manager is available on premise or in the cloud and delivers a workflow-driven data governance framework and integration platform that creates a central repository to support and manage core (customers, products, vendors, locations) data domains across divisions, regions, geographies and the enterprise as a whole. DSA is an enhanced alternative to, and eventual replacement to the legacy ARC-based backup and recovery (BAR) architecture that will triple backup performance and reap significant improvements in scalability, usability, and security, stated the company..

Monday, the first day of the four-day conference, saw the introduction of a number of products and services, including  the Teradata Cloud, Extreme Data Platform 1700, Data Warehouse Appliance 2750, and the addition of a Java Script Object Notation (JSON) capability that will be available with the next release of Teradata Database  in Q2 2014. The company also announced the general availability of Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) in the Cloud on Monday. It said the data-driven marketing solution enables real-time, dialogue-based customer interaction across the full spectrum of digital and traditional communication channels, creating an extensible “customer interaction hub” for the entire global enterprise.

For those looking to take advantage of Hadoop, Teradata announced a joint offering with Hortonworks to expand its existing Analytics Advantage program for in-database analytics, provided together with SAS. Using Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture (UDA), the high-speed integrated Analytics Advantage Program with Hadoop allows customers to discover, build and deploy analytic models promoting businesses’ ability to act upon analytic insights from any type of data across a seamless environment and faster than ever before, it stated.


Under The Hood

Noteworthy features and capabilities of the new version of Teradata Master Data Manager include:

-Creates and manages a central repository of master data.

-Enables real-time integration and synchronization of a single view of master data.

-Generates a single view of customers, products, locations and relationships and supports the global identification and linking of “master” business entities and the relationships between them across the enterprise.

-Governs and consistently organizes business data by providing ongoing master data stewardship and governance capabilities through monitoring, corrective action, workflow and reporting.

-Delivers a single accurate view of master reference data to analytics and business processes.

-Provides the ability to analyze warehouse data based on cleaner, high quality information.

Includes customizable data models, user interface and connectivity to accommodate changing requirements.

-Supports easier integration of third-party cleansing and matching tools, such as Trillium

-Enables customers to take advantage of a newly established data quality partnership with Loqate, which specializes in address and location standardization and geocoding.

Designed to optimize data streaming in and out of the Teradata database, DSA benefits include:

-an incremental backup feature, which reduces the duration of backup activities by only sending new or changed data blocks to a backup target, instead of the entire object or database;

-improves the efficiency of deduplication devices such as EMC Data Domain, which will further reduce the amount of storage space required;

-temperature and compression-aware features for hot and cold data allow data to be restored to the same temperature and compression states;

-usability is improved via new Viewpoint BAR portlets; and,

-security is also enhanced because DSA users have to authenticate through traditional Teradata channels, rather than a stand-alone user interface.


DISCLAIMER: Teradata paid for my flight and accommodations at PARTNERS User Group Conference.



Author: Steve Wexler

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