Info Security Vs Shadow IT (& Mobility, Cloud, BYOD, etc.)

We’ve all read the marketing hype about “shadow IT” where business managers make their own IT decisions without the CIO’s knowledge or approval. According to ESG research, this risk is actually overstated at most organizations, but there is no denying that IT is getting harder to manage as a result of BYOD, cloud computing, IT consumerization, and mobility.

As these trends perpetuate, CISOs find themselves in the proverbial hot seat – it’s difficult to secure applications, assets, network sessions, and transactions that you don’t own or control.

So what can be done? I’ve had this very discussion with a multitude of CISOs who’ve come to a similar conclusion: When you can’t control everything, you better have tight control and oversight over what you have. This type of security strategy centers on 5 areas.

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