IBM IOD 2013: The Commoditization of Analytics (P1/2)

The processes by which business computing solutions become industry standards or commodities have more in common than many might think. Both are sparked by elemental problems whose solution requires or benefits from technological intervention. Both need the active support of numerous vendors. And both need significant interest from customer organizations to spur initial investment and development, and to drive enough demand to create sustainable markets.

None of this happens entirely organically, though that can appear to be the case when a technology captures the market’s attention and/or imagination. Instead, the success of such efforts depends more on the willingness of key players to take a stand, stick their necks out a bit and follow through on their commitments to partners and clients.

The fruits of one such effort—in business analytics and optimization (BAO)—were on full display at IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) 2013 conference last week in Las Vegas. In a very real way, IOD has evolved and matured along with the company’s BAO solutions. Originally conceived in 2006 as a conference focusing on IBM’s efforts in business process management, data management (including DBMS), information integration, master data management, enterprise content management and business analytics, IOD has become a public forum, sounding board and promotional event for the company’s significant, continuing investments and developments in analytics.

But IOD 2013 focused particular attention on new solutions, projects and research that should help drive analytics further into the mainstream to become part of standard business practice for many if not most enterprises.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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