Information on Demand 2013: Tightening Up (P2/2)

This year, IBM IOD shifted into a new phase. In the past, the conference focused largely on disseminating product information and building user skills. IOD 2013 focused on how analytics was being used to help enterprises achieve business outcomes. Hundreds upon hundreds of use cases were discussed. It is now clear to me that enterprises have embraced the concept of cross-enterprise business analytics and are aggressively investing in new solutions. I am no longer an analytics skeptic.

As for future IODs, expect the name of the event to change to Insights and the focus to change somewhat. The conference will continue to offer analytics hands-on training, as well as be a showcase for new technologies. But I also believe IBM and its partners will feature tightened up analytics solutions that blend data management and analytics together in new and different ways in order to help customers use analytics to gain competitive advantage and improve customer services.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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