Barriers for DevOps Adoption

For those leading the charge to create a DevOps culture within their organisation, it is critical that you recognize the barriers to this adoption and put a strategy in place to prevent these barriers from limiting your success. Figure out who the key influencers are, and get them on board. Always be evangelizing. Celebrate and advertise all wins and incremental success stories. Always have success metrics in your back pocket as proof points to make whenever the value is being questioned. Challenge the way you do things today, and don’t automate legacy practices. Most importantly, be patient and pragmatic. This movement won’t happen overnight. Make incremental progress towards the end goal, and show value in short increments instead of going off in the dark for six to eight months without showing the business any progress. There will be ups and downs along this journey, but never lose sight of the future state. When you get to the future state, all of the battle scars accumulated along the way will be well worth it.

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