Data Protection: The Future

Data sharding is a major component of the secure hybrid cloud today: not a great component, but one that happens whether we know it or not. We need tools that can incorporate this to determine if the shards can be captured once more to recover the critical data of the organization. If they can, then we have one more tool in our data protection toolbox. But we also need to determine where each shard resides, what is in each shard, and how those shards can be reconstituted.

This sounds like a big data problem to me. Neverfail has a start on this with their IT Continuity Architect, which determines what data has been backed up using traditional virtual and physical data protection tools. Employing such a tool will give you a clear picture from a traditional sense of whether all your data is protected or not. The future of data protection and such tools should include the concept of data sharding and recovery of all those shards to reconstitute the whole. This could in effect reuse storage instead of adding even more storage purely for data protection.

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