EMC Adds Mozy Public Cloud To Data Protection Suite

According to the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, the IT market breaks down into five phases – innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards – and for much of the last few decades, as long as the dominant vendors showed up with a good-enough response to innovative and/or disruptive technology sometime around the early-majority phase, they’d continue to hold on to their market control. Unfortunately for the kings of the IT jungle, that model became obsolete when Shadow IT breached enterprises’ not-approved-technology barriers and things like bring your own device/app, online file share and collaboration, and cloud storage and backup became popular. Even when pundits (who me?) get snarky about the timing of recent big vendors’ announcements – i.e. Cisco (SDN) and EMC (flash) – the reality is that they tend to leave themselves plenty of lead time before significant adoption takes place.

EMC is providing another example of this trend with its launch this week of the new and improved, more-enterprise-friendly Mozy cloud data protection service. “This is basically bringing together endpoint protection and productivity features,” said Gytis Barzdukas, Senior Director, Product Management at Mozy EMC.

It’s also more about putting people first, without forgetting about IT/enterprise’s base requirements of security and control, he added. “We’re moving away from machine centric or device centric and moving towards a much more people-centric view.”

Mozy claims more than 6-million end users, including more than 100,000 MozyPro (SMB) customers and 1,000-plus MozyEnterprise customers. In total, there is more than 90 petabytes of cloud data under management 120 Terabytes of new customer data is being added to the Mozy cloud daily, said the company.

Back in July, EMC gave Mozy, which had more than 800 enterprise customers at the time, a new Active Directory capability that reduced the administrative burden of separately creating user accounts and enhanced self-service, for a lower TCO. It’s been a big year for the service as it evolves from its consumer roots to enterprise offerings, and completing its transition into EMC’s backup division, said Jason Buffington, Senior Data Protection Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, in a prepared statement.

“The addition of MozyEnterprise into the EMC Data Protection Suite adds an additional dimension to the EMC solution lineup and a broader range of choices for EMC customers. IT organizations are getting wiser about choosing their data protection tools; and the trend from device-centric to people-centric protection is allowing the IT department to finally be part of the solution (instead of perpetuating the problem) by enabling them to manage all of the organizations’ data backups — regardless of platform, method or final repository. With these trends in full swing, offerings such as MozyEnterprise and the wider EMC Data Protection Suite are looking more and more attractive.”

At the end of October Gartner rated the top seven enterprise endpoint backup products, which included Mozy along with top-ranked Druva, Code 42, Datacastle, Asigra, HP Autonomy and CommVault. The research company stated that endpoint backup was not adopted widely because traditional products had a lot of performance issues, such as long backup windows and performance degradation during backup, as well as management limitations such as lack of silent deployment and self-restore functions.

Gartner’s report card on Mozy said it had begun refocusing on its product development since becoming part of EMC’s Backup Recovery Systems Division. In the past year, Mozy added pooled storage quota and caught up in the areas of AD support with federated ID and single sign-on capabilities and resuming backup where it’s left off (instead of starting from the beginning), but it still lacks important features such as CDP/near CDP scheduling and block-level deduplication and compression, as well as advanced functions such as remote wipe and e-discovery.

Even after swelling its enterprise ranks by 25% in the last few months, there’s still a lot of room for growth. EMC has seen growing interest from larger organizations, which is why Mozy was moved into the BRS division, said Barzdukas. “The first step for us, EMC, is to provide IT guidance and governance over that (Shadow IT cloud backup) information.”

Under The Hood

New Mozy additions include:

-greater cloud administrative tools for Enterprise IT, including enhanced storage management;

-enhanced end-user experience:, including an integrated Mozy Sync folder that keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices, and new functionality that ensures faster initial backup times and greater bandwidth efficiency when backing up large files;

-API support allows partners to integrate with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems; and,

-it has been added to the EMC Data Protection Suite (MozyEnterprise is now the public cloud component within the suite).


Author: Steve Wexler

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