Skills Needed For The Data Center Of Tomorrow

IT roles and responsibilities are getting redefined with the expectation that most of the people in this industry should have a basic understanding of the underlying technology and how to work with it. I believe the gap comes in that most people understand the basics, and the technology has become much easier to work with. In most cases, all you need to do to get things set up is install with the defaults and, presto, you have a basic environment. In a great number of environments, the basics will do, since this is really just one of the hats that IT people must wear along with the email, , , and server skills they must bring to the table. It is the true consultants and the people who are running in large, complex environments who will move away from the traditional tasks and on to things like , , , and , to name just a few. Such skills may become mastered through working with the technology every day, just like everything else, but unless you are getting the experience needed, you just might find yourself being left behind, without the skills needed for the of tomorrow.

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