The Security of Converged Infrastructures

On the January 2, 2014, the Virtualization Podcast was joined on the spur of the moment by @Josh_Atwell, who works for , to discuss the of . This was of particular interest to me due to my current research on the of a . The research got me thinking about converged infrastructures in general. Before the podcast, I posed two questions on Twitter:

Are converged infrastructures more secure than traditional implementations?

Can converged infrastructures be more secure than traditional implementations?

There is quite a bit of hype around converged infrastructures, but none of it goes into security. The important question to pose to the architects of a converged infrastructure is whether security is even considered, as the security of virtual and cloud environments starts with architecture. Though security here is key, the security goals and policies to which organizations must adhere differ wildly from organization to organization, which implies that no single architecture can meet everyone’s security requirements. Other items are necessary. Even so, there is a base list of elements within the control of a converged infrastructure vendor that are more fundamental, and which the vendor can implement.

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