Cornerstone Integration & Intel vPro: Making Every Second…

In urban, suburban and rural locales, mobile first responders, including emergency medical technicians (EMTs), have key roles in the “” that is so crucial in the of . How can mobile IT better serve doctors, nurses and EMTs, along with the patients they care for?

That is a question that piqued the interest and imagination of Steven Graves, CEO of Cornerstone Integration, Inc. (CII) during a discussion with officials at Valley Health, a nonprofit organization that currently operates six hospitals in Virginia and West Virginia: Winchester Medical Center (WMC) and Warren Memorial Hospital (WMH) in Winchester, VA; Shenandoah Memorial Hospital (SMH) in Woodstock, VA; Page Memorial Hospital (PMH) in Luray, VA; Hampshire Memorial Hospital (HMH) in Romney, WV; and War Memorial Hospital in Berkeley Springs, WV.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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