CA Claims Bragging Rights For Cloud-Based Mobile Management

BARCELONA: Hola from , courtesy of CA Technologies*, where it is announcing CA Management Cloud for Mobility, a modular set of solutions available as a or on-premise. The offering consists of a number of new and/or existing capabilities that can be purchased as services/solutions or as an integrated solution that addresses the enterprise needs around mobility today, and the Internet of Things as it starts to take off, said Ram Varadarajan, general manager, New Business Innovation, CA Technologies, during a press conference on Monday.

We’re in the very early stages of the journey to mobile, but it’s an area that is generating a lot of interest, and one where CA feels it can play a major role, said Varadarajan. He presented a number of data points that supported the opportunity his company is looking to capitalize on, including: only 6% of enterprises currently offer BYO; by 2016 there will be 305 billion mobile app downloads, and there will be 5 business apps per device; and by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices (I’m pretty sure that includes 30 billion sensors, smart devices, etc., which just got upgraded from the 20 billion forecast that’s only been around for the last 6 months).

The explosion of new devices, applications, content and transactions in the mobile environment has opened new challenges for enterprises of all sizes, worldwide, he stated. CA’s response, which it is billing as the industry’s first comprehensive management cloud for mobility will help enterprises transform the challenges of the new mobile economy into significant opportunity.

Mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), bring your own application (BYOA) and the Internet of Things are transforming the enterprise. Smartphones and tablet sales passed the billion mark last year; mobile enterprise infrastructure software and services are growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3%; and mobile device management enterprise software solutions are roaring along at a CAGR of 31.43% over the period 2011-2015.

A recent survey from Citrix has identified mobility as a top priority for the enterprise. Most (71%) believe mobility is a top priority, but 63% believe it to be the greatest factor in helping their organization gain a competitive advantage. Of the organizations surveyed, approximately half have implemented technologies to support mobile devices, with 48% using MDM and 47% using MAM.

Software downloads are dwarfing these figures. An estimated 70 billion mobile apps are expected to be downloaded in 2013.

If mobile growth is exploding, mobile security is a nightmare, according to a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group. “Security professionals know that mobile computing means securing thousands of various devices as well as the applications and content that resides on them.  These mobile gizmos are often loaded with suspicious software for gaming, social networking, file synchronization/storage, etc.  Furthermore, many are owned by employees, not employers, which means the security team needs to walk on eggshells as they protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets.”

Underlying the new offerings is what CA is calling Smart Containerization technology. The only information currently available describes it as enabling users to manage the security, performance, and support characteristics of the device, application, content or while preserving the quality of the mobile user experience.

This approach can be significant as the enterprise mobile management (EMM) space evolves to more complete offerings, said Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Mobile & Wireless, 451 Research., in a prepared statement. “Secure container technologies must provide enterprise scalability and comprehensive security across app development, delivery and support, all while preserving the familiar native look and feel of nearly any mobile device an employee chooses to carry.”

Intended as an IoT proof of concept, CA is demonstrating a power-saving application that Varadarajan thinks should draw a lot of interest. He said on average US buildings — including data centers — waste close to a third of their of their electricity, and IoT can not only save them money, but do good things for the environment.

During a Q&A after the announcement he said the subscription option, AKA SaaSification, makes this a practical and affordable solution for companies of all sizes. Customers can buy as many or as few components as they want, as a service, or on-premise. CA’s value add was to make these pieces modular, but work together, Varadarajan said.

The Devil Is In The Details

Available as either services, or on-premise products, CA Management Cloud for Mobility portfolio includes three complementary solution suites: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to manage and secure mobile devices, applications and content; Mobile DevOps to accelerate application development and deployment; and to enable the adoption of internet-connected devices. They are powered by the company’s Smart Containerization that enables enterprises to manage the security, performance, compliance and support characteristics of the device, application, content or email while preserving the quality of the mobile user experience.

Enable Enterprise Mobility Management includes four products: ; CA Mobile Content Management (CA MCM); CA Mobile Email Management (CA MEM); and (MDM was released recently; the other three are all new and now available).

The four products within the Mobile DevOps suite are: (new); CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway (new); ; and, : (additional Mobile DevOps capabilities will be available in the next few months, including mobile APM, crash and log analytics, user experience analytics and remote application support).

The Enterprise IoT (i.e. Machine-to-Machine or M2M) suite  will provide a secure foundation to extend mobility with IoT infrastructure to achieve business efficiencies.

The mobility offerings are further supported by advances in the CA Security portfolio, including new and updated identity-based solutions.

Disclaimer: CA Technologies covered airfare and hotel, and if the hotel is nice, the business-class flight across the pond was an unexpected delight.



Author: Steve Wexler

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