CA Technologies Analyst Symposium 2014 Insights and Outlook

Under CEO , is undergoing a major transformation. He is changing the acquisition-focused into a software innovator that builds products organically. The company is now looking at innovation across the board – in R&D as well as in their sales and marketing practices. Marketing is evolving to a more digitally-based focus; and the sales force is implementing a carefully crafted partner go-to-market plan. Further, the company is experimenting with new ways to package products, such as offering try/buy programs to enable products to practically sell themselves.

These new practices will help cut sales and marketing costs while increasing brand-awareness and driving customer loyalty. Products have a new look as well, with solutions like CA Wily (criticized for being tough to install and maintain and for creating too much overhead) giving way to solutions that are lightweight and easy-to-use, such as .

Finally, by employing a approach in their own development organizations, CA Technologies will be able to bring new, innovative solutions to market sooner with better quality and at a lower cost. And with the company’s complete portfolio of solutions, they can enable their customers to do the same.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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