What CISOs Can Do About the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

I had the opportunity to present some of my research on the IT at last week’s RSA Conference. This is a serious issue that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

According to Research, 25% of enterprise (i.e., more than 1,000 employees) and mid-market (i.e., 250 to 999 employees) organizations claim that they have a problematic shortage of IT security skills. Furthermore, of those organizations planning to add IT headcount in 2014, 42% say they will hire IT security professionals. This is also the highest percentage of all. In other words, more organizations plan to hire IT security professionals than any other role within IT.

Clearly organizations are under-staffed when it comes to , but that’s not there only problem. Many firms employ security professionals who lack the right skills to get their job done. When ESG asked enterprise security professionals to identify their biggest challenges around incident detection/response, 39% said that they lacked an adequate staff while 28% claimed that they lacked the adequate analytics skills. Alarmingly, many organizations are under-staffed AND under-skilled.

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