Intel’s Strategy Shift: Increasing Velocity, Flexibility…

Technology vendor strategies tend to arrive in public so fully formed that it’s easy to assume that they are similarly constructed. Instead, creating strategies whether they focus on specific products, markets or entire organizations tends to be an organic process that evolves according to continuing, often subtle changes in the marketplace and the growing understanding and experience of the leaders involved.

That’s certainly the case with what’s been happening at since was appointed to the position in May 2013, replacing Paul Otellini, who had held the position since 2005. In a way, the two could not have been more different. Though Otellini joined Intel in 1974 and held senior sales, management and executive positions, including leading the Intel Architecture Group, he was the first company who had not been formally trained as an .

In contrast, Krzanich holds a patent in semiconductor processing and joined Intel in 1982 as an engineer. After serving numerous roles in fab plant and supply chain management, he rose to lead the company’s manufacturing organization before being named Intel’s COO in 2012. If you assume that background (along with shifts in the broader IT marketplace) would result in significant, complementary changes in Intel’s overall direction, you would be correct.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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