Looking Forward to Interop 2014

As one might expect, will continue to be a major theme. However, as the market matures, expect to hear about how many of the announcements of 2013 are materializing into working products with actual customers testing them. So, most likely this means that 2014 will be a really busy year for proof of concept testing and pilots. Not only are the building blocks for materializing, but we are also witnessing more “applications” coming to market as well – for the data center, campus and branch. A big part of some of the announcements last year in related to ecosystems and how the collection of vendors would work together to develop end-to-end solutions – this is a good check in point to find out how those are developing. To use an iPhone analogy, this allows us essentially to find out how many apps are in the app store. The finalists include , and the release. has an SDN app – a , as a finalist in the network category.

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