The New Cybersecurity Technology Reality – the Whole Is…

I wrote a blog last week about new integrated technology in response to Palo Alto Network’s acquisition of Cyvera. In fact, this integrated technology model isn’t limited to but is becoming the new reality across the cybersecurity lifecycle of , , incident detection, and .

I’m convinced that this is where the market is headed, driven by burgeoning cybersecurity requirements across organizations large and small.  Why do I believe this? Well, in a recent research survey, 315 professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e., more than 1,000 employees) were asked how their organization’s strategy would change over the next 24 months. A little under half (44%) of respondents said that their organization would “design and build a more integrated enterprise architecture,” the highest percentage of all responses. This trend is actually reverberating on the supply side as , /Sourcefire, , , , PAN, and Trend Micro are all engaged in R&D and M&A activities to meet the need for technology integration.

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