EMC ViPR V1.1 and SRM V3.0

The recently announced (more here and here) enhancements to its ViPR (v1.1) solution, as well as a new version of its (SRM) product (v3.0).

First, keep in mind that SRM, in the traditional server and storage world, means systems or storage resource management, aka reporting and monitoring; more recently, some solutions include analytics capabilities. On the other hand, in the VMware context, SRM refers to its Site Recovery Manager, which is for managing data protection activities. Thus, VMware’s SRM falls under the category of data protection management (DPM) (more here, here and here), not to be confused with the Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) data protection tool. The preceding is a good example of how different terms or acronyms, even in the same or closely adjacent spaces, can have different meanings; thus, context matters.

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