RSA 2014 and the Need for Intelligence-Driven Security

Due to a crazier than usual travel schedule, I wasn’t able to spend as much time at the recent 2014 security conference as I have in years past. But what I did see and hear there provided a lot to consider in the weeks since—enough to fundamentally alter some beliefs I’ve long held concerning the value and potential for success of traditional security technologies.

Anyone who follows the news in an even marginal way likely realizes that individual and organizational digital security are under continuous siege. It is abundantly clear that traditional security solutions are increasingly ineffectual and that vendors’ assurances are often empty promises.

Well-publicized disasters aren’t the only problem. While distressing, breaches like Target’s massive, “scammed-for-the-holidays” exposure of millions of customers’ credit card data are simply large scale examples of the inevitable result of inadequate security practices running head-on into traps set by clever, rapacious online criminals.

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