Are File Servers Holding Users Back?

Traditional have served end-users well. Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems, which replaced , took it a further step by allowing IT to provide the storage and share service without the burden of too much storage administration. But the traditional file server and along with it the corporate NAS, can no longer keep pace with the modern knowledge worker. IT may be tempted to ignore this problem or worse, let users try to solve it through the consumer cloud, both of which could place corporate data at risk and make users less productive.

The modern user is far more than ever. In addition to a corporate desktop, they often now carry a laptop, tablet and smartphone with them and they often use a desktop PC at home. They are also constantly connected either through broadband cellular networks or public WiFi hotspots when outside the office. As a result of this ubiquitous connectivity, they are constantly on the move, with their cadre of devices, working from a variety of locations and rarely within the walls of the organization.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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