How POWER8 Will Win… Linux/x86 Server Users (Part 3 of 3)

As for me, I’ve concluded that the computer marketplace will self-correct this x86-only situation over time. I am aware of hundreds of data centers that run inefficient, low utilization rate x86 environments – and someday the cost for this inefficiency will manifest itself when CSPs come knocking on the door delivering less expensive cloud solutions. CSPs who use Systems can be expected to be in a position to significantly undercut the costs of operating inefficient x86-based data centers. And enterprise executives will ultimately start to steer their businesses toward CSPs in order to lower computing costs as well as to expand their application portfolios.

My key point here is that if truly aggressively pursues the CSP market (and sticks with it), there should be a huge payoff in terms of organizations switching to Power Systems through CSPs. They may not see the Power Systems running at the back end, but they will surely experience the benefits of Power Systems superior economics.

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