Emerson… Forecasts Major Data Center Challenges & Changes

released “: Exploring the Possibilities,” a report summarizing four months of global research designed to identify industry experts’ vision of the data center in the year 2025. Based on interviews with more than 800 data center professionals from around the world (and contributions from dozens of others who shared their thoughts via email and video), the results ranged from the expected to the ambitious. What was clear throughout is that IT experts believe modern data centers will undergo significant, even massive changes over the next decade.

Viewed collectively, survey results indicate that most in the field remain bullish on the data center industry and continued IT innovation. For example, on average, experts predict in 2025 will climb to an extremely ambitious (some would say unrealistic) 52 kW per rack. According to the Data Center Users’ Group (sponsored by Emerson Network ), average has remained relatively flat since peaking around 6 kW nearly a decade ago, but some experts anticipate a radical upswing in .

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