Part 2of3: EMC Redefines the World of IT

Conferences and trade shows are typically oriented around a theme. kept it very sim-ple at World 2014 with the simple word: “.” Now, a theme provides a mental handle for attendees to keep everything in context but it also focuses the alignment of the thinking of presenters and others. also calls to attention the challenges that EMC feels that the IT world needs to meet.

Jeremy Burton, president of EMC’s Information Infrastructure products group, pointed out that “” applications will redefine business in every industry, redefine infra-structure in every IT department and redefine storage. The conference put meat on the bones of those statements with announcements that included the acquisition of a rack-scale flash storage start-up DSSD, greater detail on EMC’s software defined storage strate-gy and a new Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) appliance.

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