Big Data Security Analytics Meets IAM

While most enterprise organizations have SIEM installed, they now realize that these venerable systems cannot address today’s dangerous threat landscape alone.  As a result, many are adding network forensics and analytics systems for capturing, processing, and analyzing a whole bunch of additional data.

In the majority of cases, big data systems are applied to data such as network packets, packet metadata, e-mails, and transaction systems to help security teams detect malware, phishing sites, and online fraud.  Great start, but I’m starting to see another burgeoning focus area – .  Of course, many large organizations have tools for user provisioning, SSO, and identity , but tracking all the instantiations of user activity remains elusive.  In a recent research survey, security professionals were asked to identify their weakest area of security monitoring.  More than one-quarter (28%) pointed to “user behavior activity monitoring/visibility,” – the highest percentage of all categories.

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