Part 1of5: Infrastructure Matters: An IBM STG Update

A few years back, introduced a theme that emphasized that the selection of (systems, storage, networking components, systems software) matters. The reason why it matters, contends , is because choosing the right infrastructure to execute varying workloads results in greater processing efficiency and superior economics. In contrast, choosing the wrong infrastructure results in less efficient processing, failure to meet user service level requirements and additional acquisition and management costs.

We at are big believers in this “Infrastructure Matters” message because our research has consistently shown that running the same workload on different types of servers can yield significantly different cost results. For instance, in a report that we did a few years back, we showed how it cost over a million dollars more to run a heavy input/output banking application on x86-based servers as compared to running the same application on an IBM mainframe.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Perspectives.

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