Is Cisco Back (as an Enterprise Security Leader)?

It wasn’t too long ago that was a dominant force in information technology.  The company was a market leader in firewalls, IDS/IPS, and e-mail and was actively pushing products for endpoint and SIEM as well as “blades” for Catalyst switches.  Heck, Cisco even articulated a bold vision of “self-defending networks” with policy, enforcement, and intelligence all baked into the network.

Somewhere around 2008, however, Cisco security went into a prolonged slump.  Cisco security products didn’t offer the performance of rivals like (now ), Juniper, or McAfee.  Cisco missed markets like next-generation firewalls, opening the door for savvy startups like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and Stonesoft.  Cisco products such as the Cisco Security Agent (Okena) and MARS (Protego) were abject failures and discontinued by the company.  Finally, Cisco’s security team itself imploded as management and engineering leaders fled San Jose for greener valley pastures.

Cisco recognized its cybersecurity death spiral and began executing on a comeback strategy around 2011, building a new team, innovating, and acquiring a market leader in .  Based upon what I saw the week at , I believe that the company has turned a corner.  Cisco can now return to a leadership role in enterprise security technology because:

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