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By virtually any measure, it has been a busy spring for ’s Systems and Technology Group (STG). On April 7, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of its flagship platform. Then a week or so later, IBM launched , which is the latest generation of the underlying its market-leading Power Systems solutions.

But that same event served as a launching point for the technologies for the , an organization supported by IBM and four initial partners – , , and Tyan – to develop open source frameworks and methodologies around the POWER microprocessor architecture. Along with publicly revealing products and initiatives developed by Foundation members, the anniversary event also announced that twenty more companies have joined the OpenPower effort.

, SVP of IBM STG and IBM , has deep insight into these and related issues backed by decades of Big Blue experience. Rosamilia joined IBM in 1983 after graduating from Cornell with majors in computer science and economics. After working first as a software developer for the MVS operating system, Rosamilia held a variety of positions in the S/390 (mainframe) organization, becoming VP of S/390 Software Development in 1998.

In the following years, Rosamilia was promoted to other leadership roles in IBM’s Software Group, including VP of WebSphere, VP of Development for Data Management, GM of IBM’s Silicon Valley Laboratory and, eventually, GM of IBM’s WebSphere software division. In 2009, he joined IBM’s Systems & Technology Group as GM of System z and, soon after that, Power Systems. Rosamilia then became VP of Corporate Strategy and GM of Enterprise Initiatives where he was responsible for IBM’s strategic direction, as well as for developing the company’s path forward in the new era of computing.

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