HP Serious About Security… And This Time We Really Mean It

LAS VEGAS: As a brand, Atalla has been around since the early 1970s, but it’s only been a part of the HP security portfolio since the 3Com acquisition a few years ago. If the vendor’s plans come to fruition, its days in relative obscurity may be a thing of the past, starting with the three announcements made at HP Discover 2014 on Tuesday. Who knows, this may also be the start of a higher profile for HP’s security business too.

HP has extended its encryption capabilities from the data center to the cloud with three new offerings: with HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) 4.0 (available exclusively with or on HP ProLiant Gen 8 Servers); Cloud Encryption with split-key encryption; and, Information Protection and Control (IPC) software. Between Atalla and its own track record, HP says it has more than 35 years of encryption experience, protecting trillions of dollars annually for nine out of 10 of the world’s largest banks, and Atalla is also a “critical piece” of securing more than 23 billion debit transactions in the U.S. and prepaid transactions in the U.S. and Canada on an annual basis for Visa.

Security isn’t working and customers are seeking better alternatives, said Art Gilliland, SVP & GM, HP Enterprise Security. Senior executives ask me “I’m spending so much money on security, why isn’t it getting better?” Last year $46 billion was spent on security and the results were a 20% increase in breaches and a 30% increase in related costs, he said.

The threat, or adversary, landscape has changed over the last 7-8 years, moving from looking for notoriety to I want to steal your money, said Gilliland. And today’s bad guys are not only working together, they’re specializing. That is what’s driving the security market.

With the new style of IT, we’re seeing the accelerating adoption of new ways to deliver services, and new ways to consume those services, he said. “When those two meet in the middle, failure is inevitable. They (the bad guys) only have to be right one time.”

In addition to the costs and related issues, there is also an increase in regulatory pressures to try and relieve the situation. That primarily results in increasing cost and complexity, said Gilliland.

One of the major problems isn’t the amount of money being spent on security, he said, but on where the money is being spent. Like almost everybody else out there in the security market, HP has research (from two years ago) showing that most of the money — 86% in their case — is being spent stopping breaches from happening, and only 14% on dealing with the inevitable once it happens.

More recent data (October) found that the cost, frequency and time to resolve cyberattacks continue to rise for the fourth consecutive year. However, said Gilliland, the new study also indicated that organizations using security intelligence technologies were more efficient in detecting and containing cyberattacks, experiencing an average cost savings of nearly $4 million per year, and a 21% ROI over other technology categories. In addition, deployment of security governance practices, including investing in adequate resources, appointing a high-level security leader, and employing certified or expert staff, can reduce cybercrime costs and enable organizations to save an estimated average of $1.5 million per year.

Encryption has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that is catching on, said Gilliland, and Atalla is the home of encryption expertise at HP. However, if encryption is the answer, then there are still issues that must be addressed, he added. The three that come to mind are: broad encryption is hard to manage; our environments are not all owned by us (i.e. public and hybrid cloud); and should I encrypt everything, or just the things that matter?

HP has built up a strong brand name around security, but it could certainly be stronger, said Chris Griffith, Global Head of Product Management, Enterprise Security Products, Atalla HP. The company has assembled a strong team and portfolio for each of the attack areas, but he believes the reputation would be helped by better leveraging the power of HP and areas like Big Data and analytics. “It’s why the ability to understand the power of that data (i.e. HAVEn and analytics) is so important”.

The key takeaway from the announcements is that companies can get a huge ROI by putting their security investments in the right places, starting with information protection and control, said Griffith.

Dirty Details Done Dirt Cheap

-HP Secure Encryption with is available immediately by ordering the required HP Smart Storage options together with enterprise key management and client licenses from HP Atalla. Enterprises also can retrofit their compatible environments with the required HP Smart Array controllers to take advantage of this solution.

- and are available immediately.

-New investment solutions are also available from HP Financial Services

Author: Steve Wexler

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