SAP/IBM Announce T&E Program for HANA on Power

Last week’s Sapphire NOW user and partner conference in Orlando was something of a love fest for the company’s in-memory database technology. That was hardly surprising, since SAP has made it clear that represents far more than just an innovative solution for a variety of , and workloads. In fact, the HANA platform, along with an evolving number of complementary solutions, including the new cloud-based PaaS and subscription offerings SAP announced in March and April represent the elemental future for the company and its customers and partners.

That’s a significant commitment by most any measure, so we were intrigued by a particular element in one of the press releases SAP published during the conference; that the company and have begun a testing and evaluation (T&E) program for HANA running on ’s 7+ and 8-based systems. Specifically, the program allows for select and SAP clients to deploy HANA solutions on Power Systems in SuSE Linux-based environments. Why is this of interest? Because until now, SAP HANA deployments have all been in Intel x86-based systems and appliances.

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