Will the SDDC Be the Norm in Two Years?

Come on, let’s get real here. The may become the norm in two years in the gilded cages of Silicon Valley, North Carolina’s Research Triangle, and the other “centers of excellence” out there. But in the real world—you know, the one where companies are still using NT4 servers to deliver real and useful work—surely this is not the case.

What we are talking about here is marketecture, right? Now, before you shut off, thinking this is just another of Tom’s rant posts, let me get out my thought process. A couple of years ago, a very good friend of mine posted “Cloud and the Three IT Geographies (Silicon Valley, US and Rest of the World).” He started his post with the following sentence:

In the last 3 years I spent most of my time advocating that the cloud world is marching at a (very) different pace based on where you are and who you are.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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