Oracle Strikes Back

IT is a global game of king of the mountain. The view is lovely from the top, but everyone else is looking to pull you down with new innovations in products, better services, and disruptive go-to-market strategies. has long held the crown for databases and a number of related business applications, yet is surely feeling some pressure from the ravenous hordes below. Two popular angles of attack have been in-memory and/or databases. The goal of players such as (with DynamoDB), Cassandra, , , , , and many others has been to differentiate on the capabilities of their newer platforms to hopefully displace, or more likely find a niche alongside, the popular Oracle database. Even other industry titans like (with DB2 BLU Acceleration) and (with SQL Server 2014) have brought in-memory options to market with great fanfare.

Oracle has realized the threat and is now ready to defend its peak. With the public announcement of Oracle 12c this week, particularly the in-memory option, the playing field just got leveled. Or rather, remains tilted in Oracle’s favor once the GA comes later this summer.

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