The Two Cornerstones of Next-Gen Cybersecurity (Part 1)

Every CISO I speak with tells a story fraught with common anxiety about the future of information . As the world becomes more mobile, consumer-centric, and cloud-based, IT gets more distributed and complex while the IT department has less and less control. This presents a real conundrum for professionals who’ve been trained to seize control and lock down as much as they can.

So what should CISOs do to address the “shadow IT” dilemma? As IT loses control of some of its traditional assets, my suggestion to CISOs is to double-down on security controls and oversight for the things they still own. In my humble opinion, there are two key areas to focus on: Sensitive data and . Everything else – , , , and – must kowtow to these two cornerstones and enforce specific data security and identity .

Allow me to be a bit more specific. I’ll focus on data security in this blog (Part 1) and then move on to identity in a future blog (Part 2):

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