HDS and The Internet of Things

I recently attended Analyst Day, which was held in Colorado Springs at the very lovely Broadmoor hotel. Colorado is very high, literally and figuratively. I took a train up Pikes Peak and got my first ever case of altitude sickness (felt like I was on a boat when I came back down). Fret not, I was fine. And no, I didn’t go to a dispensary (although I totally would have, time permitting).

It was a small event, which I like way more than big events. All the HDS mucky mucks were there. Made it more personal. They are all genuinely nice people.

Here’s the bottom line: HDS is in a primo spot to take advantage of the . Perhaps no one I can think of outside of GE is in as good a position.

That’s not to say a zillion others aren’t going to make a pile of dough when this phenomenon starts snowballing, but I can’t think of anyone in a better overall spot.

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