End-users must be Part of Cybersecurity Solutions

As the old adage goes, “people are the weakest link in the chain.” Clearly enterprise professionals agree with this statement. In a recent research survey, enterprise security professionals were asked to identify the factors most responsible for successful malware attacks. It turns out that 58% point to a lack of user knowledge about cybersecurity risks – the most popular answer by far.

This data is not unusual, security professionals often bemoan end-user cybersecurity behavior. They don’t pay attention in training classes, they click on suspect links, they are easily fooled by social engineering tactics, etc.

Yup, naïve employees are certainly part of the problem but here’s a news flash: That’s not going to change. Cybersecurity threats evolve rapidly; so much so that many infosec professionals can’t keep up. Given this, how can we expect any more from employees?

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