How To Overcome The Four Obstacles To Cloud Storage

Business executive and IT professionals alike often share many of the same concerns when it comes to the use of . But generally, there are four primary that businesses need to address before embracing the use of the as a data repository:

1. . How difficult will it be to integrate existing applications with cloud storage? Will the process involve extensive re-coding of applications so that they can interface with cloud storage resources? And will the user experience be transparent?

2. . If data is stored in the cloud, what additional latency will there be reading and writing files stored in the cloud? Will this necessitate investing in additional network bandwidth and/or networking hardware infrastructure?

3. . Once business information is stored with a public cloud provider, who has access to the data? If encryption is used, who has access to the encryption keys?

4. . Is cloud storage the ultimate “roach motel”, where business data checks in but never checks out?

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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