Catalogic Software (Who?) Taps Ed Walsh as CEO

, the CEO whiz kid is back doing what he does best – running a product company. This time he’s landed at , a firm many people have never heard of—but probably will over the next several months.

Walsh is a storage industry veteran who is best known for taking small, relatively unknown product-focused companies that need clearer strategy and execution chops, building a team, pointing them at a problem, gaining traction and then selling to a larger player who needs to fill a gap. Walsh touts an impressive list of successful exits as a CEO, including , and

There’s an interesting new dimension this time around. With previous exits, Walsh would be on to his next company pretty quickly. For instance when EMC bought Avamar, he worked at EMC for four months. He never worked at Oracle. But when IBM purchased Storwize, he spent three years at Big Blue. He also went back to school earning an MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Why is this significant? It may not be, but combining a stint as an IBM exec with a fresh MBA from MIT could bring a new and even better style of management to Walsh’s approach. It might mean new leverage points, even deeper connections to build a team and perhaps a longer run as CEO, positioning the company for scale.

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