EMC Upgrades/Expands Storage Lineup, Acquires TwinStrata

LONDON: A million bystanders cheered on as the Tour de France made a brief detour across the channel to pedal through the streets of London, while a much smaller audience clapped politely — apparently being English is communicable — as announced a series of products and services that will “Redefine Possible”. It was just two months ago that I was wondering about the timing of various EMC announcements surrounding EMC World 2014, and now they’ve made another series of significant announcements – including the acquisition of , a cloud-integrated storage vendor – although they will have a lot to live up to with that kind of marketing hype.

According to the storage leader, the future of IT is the , but getting there by way of the megatrends of social, cloud, mobile and big data isn’t easy. The recipe for success is throw out the old applications and bring in the new, but ‘there is 29% annual data growth in existing application workloads, a continued 58% “drag” incurred by supporting infrastructure applications on business applications, and the ever escalating need for faster performance for specific application workloads.’

Fortunately, EMC has the answer(s) to reducing the cost of running application workloads while accelerating innovation through new application workloads:

EMC XtremIO 3.0 adds new inline data services, expands family and delivers unmatched TCO with a new ;

EMC VMAX3 redefines enterprise storage with the industry’s first open enterprise data service platform – 3X performance and a 50% reduction in TCO;

EMC ProtectPoint enables direct backup to EMC Data Domain, up to 10X faster backups, eliminates need for traditional backup infrastructure;

EMC Isilon OneFS delivers the industry’s first enterprise-grade scale-out Data Lake and new platforms with 2X performance; and,

-the now shipping and EMC ViPR SRM enable customers to build a modern storage infrastructure on commodity hardware, and offers breakthrough hyperscale cloud storage infrastructure.

In addition, EMC acquired TwinStrata, Inc., with plans to enable seamless public cloud access as an embedded data service for VMAX3 customers.

“Each one of these products is redefining what we think is possible with enterprise storage,” David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure, told an audience of approximately 200 press and analysts from around the world. They are a “game-changing set of technologies” with which EMC is trying to solve business problems while reducing costs, he said.

Jeremy Burton, President, EMC Products, Marketing & Solutions, was equally excited about the XtremIO and ViPR/software-defined storage components, including the Xpect More Program – 7-year maintenance price protection; three year oney back warranty; and seven-year flash endurance protection. “We think this takes off many of the objections customers have”, he said.

Despite the escalating war of words between the partners, VCE was happy to throw its support behind the announcements, especially its contributions. “EMC continues to raise the bar in storage innovation, and we’re happy to work with EMC to help customers rapidly realize the full potential of these innovations in deploying cloud-ready environments through VCE converged infrastructure,” blogged VCE CMO Nina Hargus.

A trio of analysts were also happy to praise the various announcements:

“EMC says it wants to redefine the enterprise storage market with its new VMAX3, and to help the process it has created a self-descriptive and incisive term for its product: an ‘enterprise data service platform,’” stated Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, in a quanned quote. “While such style can certainly help, ultimately it is substance that matters: and in this regard the VMAX3 does not disappoint. It is a purpose-built platform that uses heavy doses of both raw horsepower and advanced, innovative functionality to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale. It is designed to allow IT organizations to enjoy the attractive economics, workload-flexibility and self-service aspects of a cloud approach in combination with the sheer trust, availability and scalability of a traditional data center.”

Commenting on the Isilon component, his coworker, ESG Senior Analyst Terri McClure stated the rate of innovation in unstructured data storage has accelerated significantly over the past five years. “Scale-out architectures that used to be considered cutting edge technology used only for high-performance computing have been applied to core data center operations, giving us a base to build new scalable IT solutions on. Now EMC, with its next-generation Isilon product, is delivering on the promise of shared data across applications and accessible anywhere, any time.”

Finally, David Vellante, Chief Research Officer at The Wikibon Project, tackled the the XtremIO news with the following prepared statement: “The impact of flash storage will go far beyond performance. 10X performance improvements relative to hard disk are really just table stakes. The disruptive opportunities with flash storage are in delivering a new breed of applications supported by advanced data services that were not even possible on disk. These capabilities will dramatically simplify complex application environments, streamline cumbersome workflows and unlock a step function in new business value.”

DISCLAIMER: EMC looked after travel and accommodations, and regardless of any reservations I might have about the epicness of the announcements, I wholeheartedly appreciate their kindness and generosity.


Author: Steve Wexler

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