EMC Acquires TwinStrata – Innovation Through Acquisition

During World this past May, CEO Joe Tucci stated that ’s dual innovation strategy will consist of dedicating 10% of their annual revenues towards R&D and acquisitions. True to his word, announced today that they have acquired . ’s software technology enables businesses to seamlessly attach their on-premise applications with from providers like , , and . The idea is that organizations can use solutions like the software product to create a low cost tier of storage in the cloud to decrease costs, improve data resiliency and to federate access to information on a global scale.

Some folks may be scratching their heads over this acquisition particularly in light of EMC’s extensive promotion of their offering during EMC World Show. Given the fact, however, that ECS is geared more for large enterprise environments, the CloudArray offering gives EMC immediate entree to those small to mid-sized enterprise environments that have a need to access low-cost cloud storage capacity.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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