Memory Matters

The “big four” of , , and are putting new pressures on IT departments. These high level forces are rippling through to create demands on infrastructure as follows:

Cloud – Amazon has turned the data center into an API. This trend is forcing CIOs, as best they can, to replicate the agility, cost structure and flexibility of external cloud service providers. Unlike outsourcing of the 1990’s, which had diseconomies of scale at volume, cloud services have marginal economics that track software (i.e. incremental costs go toward zero). This trend will put added pressure on IT to respond to the cloud.

Mobility – Most practitioners in the Wikibon community say they have a “love/hate” relationship with mobile. On the one hand, like many end user initiatives, accommodating mobile creates extra cycles for IT. However with mobile, the IT pros are all mobile users so they are part of the drive toward mobile.

Social – is not something that many IT pros traditionally may have time for during business hours but that is changing. Social is becoming an increasingly popular form of collaboration, information gathering and messaging. And social contributes to data creation.

Big Data – in a recent survey of 300 Wikibon practitioners, 95% said that they’d either already shifted resources away from traditional data warehouse infrastructure, toward Hadoop (65%) or they would by the end of 2014 (30%).  Big Data has turned data growth from a problem of management into an opportunity.

These four trends are stressing which are changing rapidly. One of the most fundamental changes is the increasing use of and within storage systems, particularly at the high end of the market.

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