RSA Web Threat Detector Extends Mobile Fraud Capabilities

With transactions growing more than 50% year-over-year (27% of all transactions in 2013), and devices accounting for over 30% of all fraudulent transactions recorded by RSA in the first half of 2014, clearly is a growing concern. So ’s arm has released Web Threat Detection 5.0, an enhanced version of the product formerly known as Silver Tail.

Mobile threats are nowhere now, but they are growing, said Amy Blackshaw, Senior Product Marketing Manager, RSA. For its second major refresh since acquiring , RSA is staying true to the core tenets of its Web protection offering, building on its and context capabilities, adding mobile into mobile , she said.

“Previously we had mobile browser, not apps visibility. With 5.0 now we can provide insight into all mobile traffic.”

RSA said Web Threat Detection provides a complete view into web and mobile application traffic, offering “end to end” visibility. To be GA on August 4, new features include:

-Visibility into Native Mobile Applications – Organizations can create mobile-specific rules that will target threats originating in the rapidly increasing mobile channel;

-an Intelligent Web Session Data Stream – Customers can integrate this information into other initiatives for cross-channel analysis, and more effective threat understanding, identification and mitigation;

-Real-time Threat Groups – Organizations can search to identify web sessions/transactions that are a part of known Threat Groups or potential groups of bad actors that may require deeper investigation; and,

-A Profile Timeline – Customers can compare a profile’s (user or IP address) current and previous behavior to help analysts more easily spot anomalous activity.

The user interface also got a make-over, said Blackshaw, with a new analyst and 10 unique risk indicators. The is intended to streamline investigations, providing a one-stop shop that helps analysts decide if deeper investigation may be needed.

“In one sense we are becoming more intelligent and proactive… not relying on signatures.” Still, she thinks this space is still pretty nascent.

That newness could be a concern, according to a recent Ponemon Institute survey. Over half (58%) of the 4,881 IT and IT security practitioner respondents said providers of security solutions hype the threats and risks companies face. While this hype may help free up budgeting dollars to invest in a new technology, almost half (47%) said their company very frequently or frequently have purchased a security solution that was a disappointment.

Respondents feared advanced persistent threats and attacks designed to steal data the most. Other top concerns included a website hack, a distributed denial of service attack designed to bring down critical business systems or an accidental data breach.

Blackshaw said RSA keeps it real by working closely with its customers and a strong customer advocacy group that they meet with on a quarterly basis. “We worked very hard to align with the needs of our large customers”, she said.





Author: Steve Wexler

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