EMC’s MegaLaunch: Storage Specifics (Includes Video)

It might seem incongruous to be talking ‘ specifics’ when discussing EMC – after all, isn’t it a company? Well, I mean this in two ways: Firstly, as we move to a more integrated world, so EMC is spending plenty of energy on discussing things other than per se; that’s all well and good, but it’s not the focus of this blog. Second, even now gets broader by the day; again, that’s all great but this blog is all about delving a little deeper into the ‘vanilla’ announcements at EMC’s MegaLaunch earlier this month. One final point here – ‘vanilla’ is neither a pejorative nor a comment on what EMC delivered, it is merely a statement that here I’m focused on the basics. So, to get a summary of the key points for the three main product areas (in this case VMAX, Isilon, and XtremIO) I pointed my video camera at three of EMC’s finest. Take a look at the video and then my comments follow.

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