Dell Goes Full Steam Ahead on Software-Defined Storage

The relationship of software and hardware is intricate and complex. Software creates the intelligence that enables hardware to deliver to its full potential. Both are critical, but the focus in systems today tends to be on the software. Hence software-defined solutions are receiving a lot of attention and is part of that broader movement.

is not only abstracting the traditional storage management software from the storage hardware, but is also magnifying the ability of software to perform with greater functionality at all levels. Thus, its architecture is additive and can yield not only cost benefits, but also beneficial functionalities, such as automated provisioning to improve service to end users. thus has a vision that spans the storage view from the small world where the company is very comfortable to the Web-scale world where economics with which is very familiar play a key role. uses SDS as an important thrust in maintaining a leadership position in the storage world and has thus used this strategy to achieve considerable success.

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