XenApp is Back, and Citrix With It

’s new CTO for desktops and applications, Gunnar Berger, has made the most important announcement about of 2014. Yes, even more important than the news that CEO Mark Templeton is returning to the hot seat.

In a Wednesday blog post, Berger admitted in public what many inside and outside Citrix have known for years: “we over rotated and SBC* became a second class citizen to .” He followed up with the almost joyous shout:

“No more! is back!”?

And rightly so. Citrix’s decision to focus on VDI was, in many respects, understandable. , playing to its strength in operating system virtualization, had already introduced View, delivering a full operating system from the data center, a direct threat to Citrix’s lifelong dominance of the in the data center business. Egged on by Gartner’s proclamation of gold in them thar desktops, a 2009 Gartner report titled “Worldwide Hosted Virtual Market to Surpass $65 Billion in 2013,” it was entirely understandable that Citrix would react by prioritizing above XenApp.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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