Can Storage Enable Hyper-V to Replace VMware?

In our recent webinar “Don’t let eat your Savings” we were asked a question from the audience, “Will ever replace as the predominant in the ?” This loaded question is actually very interesting. While each has unique features VMware probably has the overall lead in that area, and of course, has an unprecedented lead in terms of market share. The appeal of Hyper-V is that it can be much more affordable than VMware and seems to be narrowing the gap in features.

Can Storage Give Hyper-V The Advantage Over VMware?

A more interesting twist on the above question is “Can storage give Hyper-V an advantage?” provides lower level access and allows for more interesting configurations than does VMware. Three examples come from , and . Each of these address Hyper-V storage differently, but each can potentially broaden Hyper-V’s appeal.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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