Open Source Vs. Open Enough

There’s a big drive in networking towards open source with and other initiatives. But enterprises aiming for open networking must make a decision: Either settle for “open enough” options from vendors that may not be truly open source but offer the and support they need, or commit to the ideals and development of true open source technology.

While IT buyers may design strategies based on open source technologies, many typically end up opening their checkbooks to a vendor that provides a solution that’s “open enough.” What “open” really means is open (hopefully an open standard API, and not a vendor-specific open API) and some level of interoperability in order to create solutions. The openness should allow an organization to integrate a technology into an existing environment and then easily add new capabilities to that environment.

Do these buyers really care if the technology is open source? Or do they just care that it works, is supported, and is open enough to fit into their existing world (and maybe their future world) and drive new levels of productivity for the business?

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