InsightSquared Applies Analytics to SaaS Applications

Think big! That is what we are being asked to do with which is all well and good. But sometimes thinking “small” in the sense of a focused effort can deliver positive benefits, such as improving win rates for sales representatives in conjunction with a customer relationship management (CRM) application. offers highly targeted capabilities for selected that are designed to enable customers to derive precisely those benefits.

Think of the Sales Function as an Illustration

Let’s take management as an example. InsightSquared is an official ISV partner of , and while its SaaS solutions are very popular, ’s focus is not on analytics. Thus, InsightSquared offers analytics that can enhance and add value to the user experience.

Of course, InsightSquared offers a broad range of other analytics reports. Those include forecasting sales using historical win rates and pipeline management that examines cur-rent opportunities pursued by sales representatives and stages in the sales lifecycle. What all this does is facilitate the interaction of sales managers and representatives to be more productive in the process of generating revenues.

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