P2: Citrix Monitoring: EdgeSight/Director vs 3rd-Party Tools

, as well as those from key third-party vendors, were reviewed for functionality and technical complexity as they would realistically be used in production environments. Because the inherent Citrix tools may not provide all of the required functionality, an analysis of key third-party offerings is presented, based on data available as of July 2014. As this marketplace changes rapidly, readers should consult specific vendor websites and documentation for updates regarding the latest products.

For a complete review of the key vendors and the associated feature set, please see the white paper entitled Monitoring / by Means of Citrix and Third-Party Tools, which is available from . This paper can be downloaded from: TVP: Monitoring XenApp / by Means of Citrix and Third-Party Tools .

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NOTE: This column was originally published in The Virtualization Practice Newsletter.

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