Flash Performance vs Flash Features

Recently, over at made a statement that caused a stir with both users and the industry. My summation of his column and subsequent defense of that column, is that he believes that the of a is more important than the that may come with that array. While I very often find myself agreeing with Robin, in this case I take a small exception.

The ROI of

In his column, Robin makes an excellent point about the value of high performance and how having that performance can reduce costs in other areas of the by better utilizing compute and network resources.

I agree with that position 100% but the key is the data center has the potential, at least some day, to tap into that high performance. If they can’t, then the storage system vendor is better off using the IOPS for features that will make the system easier to use and more cost effective.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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